f–blogg er et forum for debatt, subjektive meninger og personlige synspunkter. Alle bidragsyterne er selv ansvarlige for det som publiseres, og syns­punkter/meninger er ikke nødvendigvis sammenfallende med Fasett/Fasett-ansatte sine. Bloggen er ikke forhåndsredigert og har som sådan intet å gjøre med Fasett. God lesning!


Fra.Biancoshock (IT) lives and works in Milan, Italy. For a long time he didn’t consider himself an artist. His expressive process is close to conceptual and performance art, which he chooses to define as Ephemeralism. Its mission statement is to produce works of art that exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time through photography, video and media.

His works are often humerous and/or thought provoking, mixing pop icons, toys, satire, traffic signs and anything that catches his eye and sparks his imagination. Fra.Biancoshock has realized more that 450 works on the streets of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Singapore and he's only just getting warmed up.