We are Fasett

We are a communications agency which creates value for our clients through courage, knowledge and commitment.

People at Fasett

The machines might be taking over the world, but they will never get inside our heads!

  • Managing director/advisor:

    Pål Hjorth Berge
  • Creative director/copywriter:

    Egil Alv Andreassen

We create tangible value

Only when understanding the myriad of messages and the people creating the buzz, you can create something that is relevant, specific and valuable.

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Business partner

BPN is a full service media agency with expertise in consulting, planning and monitoring campaigns. BPN is part of IPG, a global provider of marketing solutions.

Agency Network

Fasett is the Norwegian member of Imagepartners, an international agency network consisting of 14 independent marketing and advertising agencies located in all major European markets and the USA.


Fasett is registered and approved in Achilles as a supplier to the oil and gas industry. We are a member of the Creative Forum, thereby addressing the organization's eligibility to business practices, staffing, and financial and ethical guidelines.