We create tangible value

Living in a myriad of messages and information, it is necessary to understand both the buzz and the people creating it. Only then one can create something that is relevant, specific and valuable.

Good advice

With expertise in brand management, market insight and digital platforms, we see opportunities, advise and contribute to setting clear goals. Then, we develop the key plan for how to succeed; both short term and in the long run.

A strong brand arouses strong, unique and positive associations among its target groups and markets. This requires dedicated effort of everyone involved and can best be achieved through long-term and continuous strategic work.


Idea/concept development

Creativity is about searching for opportunities elsewhere than one would expect to find them. Therefore, a good idea may just as well be innovative use of technology, or choosing an unexpected and smart way to solve a problem.

We develop strong and relevant communication and communication concepts, and have long and diverse experience in making clients and messages visible. In the creative process, we strive to become well acquainted with what or whom we are going to create unique and positive associations with. This way, we are able to base the communication on something that is both true and interesting.


The combination of a good name, logo and a holistic visual identity gives a head start when creating solid and effective communication. Well-implemented, high quality design enhances the message, creating a whole and maintains the brand in all media channels.

We have developed a wide range of names, logos and visual identities over the years, in addition to revitalizing brands and also managing already existing visual profiles.

We maintain and further develop visual identities through i.e. design and layout of printed materials, branded environments, packaging, digital design, mobile applications and social media.


Fasett is a full service agency, taking care of the entire process from strategy to delivery. A “one stop shop” for all media channels, where excellent project management ensures the implementation all the way from initiation to completion.

We intend to deliver a predictable and easy process for all our clients, regardless of the collaboration being long-term or on a project basis.

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See what we do

See some examples of what we mean when we say that we create value for our clients. Please note that the case descriptions are in Norwegian.

Vær noe mens du blir noe, sier Universitetet i Stavanger.

Design for en digital verden

Ser inn i framtiden med DNV GL

Logoen lever – og leverer!

Årets valg er over, med flere vinnere!

Digitalisering med DNV GL

Årsrapporten for 2016 er utviklet i en ny microsite-løsning

– utviklet av Fasett i samarbeid med Last Friday.

Eiganes skolekorps i ny drakt

Ny visuell identitet i anledning 100-årsjubileet.

Ny visuell identitet i anledning 100-årsjubileet. Hipp, hipp hurra!

VB og verdens viktigste jobb

Vårens profilkampanje skal øke kjennskap til at VB er en nasjonal leverandør av vann, varme og energi.

Vårens profilkampanje skal øke kjennskap til at VB er en nasjonal leverandør av vann, varme og energi. Og det gjøres gjennom å vise frem verdens viktigste jobb.