Mattia er her!

I april fikk vi endelig på plass Mattia Carlietti som ny digital designer og digital lead i Fasett. På tide å bli litt bedre kjent med ham, med andre ord!

Mattia, som opprinnelig er fra Italia, har erfaring som digital designer fra både Italia, Sveits og Australia – hvor han har jobbet i digitalbyråer og kommunikasjonsbyråer i mer enn ti år. Mattia kommer sist fra EGGS, part of Sopra Steria, der han var Lead Digital Designer og ansvarlig for flere av designbyråets større prosjekter i Norge.

Men, nå er Fasetts nye digitale designer endelig på plass – og midt oppi alt av nye kolleger, nye rutiner og nye kunder og oppgaver, her får dere:

The 3 pictures and 989 words talk with Mattia Carlietti!

Mattia egil couch L

– First, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and how you started working in digital design?

– I always like to answer this question with what I consider my motto: “Be a designer,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said; this sentence sums up my love/hate relationship with the design world.

I started actively getting interested in design after graduating from high school, when my friends were asking me to Photoshop their favorite models, athletes, or actors in their pictures. I came to know that people made actual money doing that, so I decided to apply for Politecnico di Milano and learn the ways of the pixel.

After graduating from the university, I started swimming the graphic design and advertising world of Milan’s digital agencies, where my clients and projects portfolio grew as the bags under my eyes. As someone who was born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s my primary influence were Japanese cartoons and comic books, the early stages of home consoles and the first home computers.

All of these medias influenced me in different ways in terms of inspiration, style, research, or just a general poke into that analog era that made everything look so cutting edge and futuristic.

– Can you share a personal story that shaped your approach to work?

– I once got asked to introduce some of my colleagues that were working on a device to help pregnant women having gyno check-ups and the modern research around women’s health based on history...

For the longest time since, I’ve asked myself (and them) why would I be the one introducing such discussion? Shouldn’t that person be a woman? Instead I started seeing different angles, as a father I’ve experienced labour from a different perspective so I too had some experience to share.

«I thought: Hell, if I can do this, I can probably do anything, and if I can’t, I’ll find a way around it with my own twist!»

– Can you share a project that you are particularly proud of?

– I’ve helped creating an app that helps kids with anxiety overcome their fears. The project was underbudgeted, had a tight deadline and it was a topic dear to all of us but that we knew little to nothing about.

But! We pulled up our sleeves and formed up the most amazing team of designers and researchers to build an amazing experience that had everything: service design, UX design, digital and motion design, and the client, and especially the kids that tested it, loved it. Which to us was the most satisfying part.

– Can you tell us about other stories, incidents etc that has influenced you in your life?

My father was the most influential figure in my life. When he moved away from our family house I thought he was going to be absent from our lives, instead he was even more present. When he died I’ve reflected a lot on the meaning of his teachings and how a person can be humble and ambitious at the same time, always finding a way to get what one wants showing determination, resolution and always appreciating everything, from the smallest achievements to the biggest goals.

Mattia father

– Why Scandinavia? Why Stavanger?

– I’ve always been fascinated by nordic design, in architecture, interior and digital. I was following a lot of companies even from Italy before moving and I knew that one day I had to move here and experience it firsthand.

Plus, Norway is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to kids’ life, and as a father I wanted to give my son the opportunity to life the best life he could, in a country that values time outside work and put the new generations in front of the others.

– And, finally, why Fasett?

– Since I’ve moved to Norway with my family 3 years ago I’ve always kept eyes and ears open within the design industry. I like to be updated on industry trends and interesting companies/agencies, and Fasett was the first one I got to know googling: “Cool design agency Stavanger with amazing talented people and a great office view”.

Every time Fasett would post about their work I always commented: “Damn, I would have loved to work on that!”, and that means that one day I would have applied to join Fasett to be able to turn that comment into reality.

– We’re more than happy to have you here, Mattia! When that is said, what do you think will be the biggest challenges in your role as a digital designer in Fasett?

– Eating knekkebrød with pålegg everyday for lunch! On a more serious note, knowing the talent level of my new colleagues it will be an everyday challenge to keep up the agency’s standard with my contribution.

– What does a typical workday look like for you?

– My typical day starts off with an espresso and scrolling through some news on Reddit and Brand New. After I get to the office I’ll walk through the schedule and plan ahead, I like to be in the right mindset already prepared when the time comes for meetings or design focus time. I usually share inspiration articles and online tool with my digital colleagues and ask their opinion on what I’m working on before realizing that I’m late for the barnehage run!

Mattia venice

One of my proudest shots ever: captured in 2019 in Venice Beach's skatepark, California.

– What is your favorite way to unwind after a busy day or a week?

– Cooking, and eating what I’ve cooked. Even something as simple as fresh made pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes can turn frowns into smiles.

Sometimes I also like browse through printed pictures that I took with my analog camera, the material feeling of old film and that thickness has a special place in my heart. Or if I'm very nervous I sit at my desk and play a round or two of Street Fighter.

– And, last, but not least, Mattia; what are your dreams and aspirations outside-of-Fasett-life?

– Be an astronaut! Oh wait, might be a little too late for that... I’ve joined Fasett, and on the side the Grafill’s board, also to extend my design network in the Stavanger region, and that’s what I’m planning, to keep growing and meeting interesting people and share knowledge.

Takk skal du ha, Mattia! Vi gleder oss til fortsettelsen!